Applying to college can be overwhelming...

...confusing ...scary!

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

You’re already doing so much as a student.

Let us help you keep this part simple.

Whether you are a theater geek with a passion for snowboarding, a student-athlete ready to make your mark on the field and in the research lab, or a neurodivergent student looking for a campus with strong support and excellent internship opportunities, there's a school for you. 

Let one of our expert counselors cut through the noise to illuminate a clear path forward. Their guidance will help you easily translate your wants and needs into college options you’ll love. 


Counselor Connect


Access expert college counselors at
a fraction of the cost

  • Live Video Intro Session (30 min)
  • Individualized Action Plan
  • Personal College Recommendations
  • Financial Fit Analysis
  • Live Video Wrap-up Session (30 min)

Who are our Corsava Counselors?


Top Flight

We have selected the most experienced independent counselors who have comprehensive knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the ever-changing and complex college landscape.



Each Corsava Counselor has a minimum of 10 years experience and has helped hundreds of students and their families through the college process.


Cost Effective

Corsava Counselors and their expertise are available at a fraction of the cost normally associated with private college counseling.



Corsava Counselors aim to focus your attention on the most relevant resources and impactful actions based on your educational goals and personal priorities.



Corsava Counselors come from around the country with expertise in regional schools, STEM programs, international experience, athletics, and more.


Professionally Certified

All Corsava Counselors are affiliated with professional organizations for independent education consultants.


Live Sessions

Some things are just best said in person.

Meet with your Corsava Counselor for two live video sessions where you can ask questions and get direct answers.

Have your counselor get to know you on a more personal level to provide you with guidance unique to your situation.


Individualized Action Plan

Each student is different and needs a different plan. Your Corsava Counselor will help filter the noise and design a comprehensive step-by-step plan suited just for you with targeted to-dos, insider pro-tips, essential resources, and more.


Personalized College Recommendations

There are over 5,300 institutions of higher education in the United States. 😮

Don’t worry. 

Your Corsava Counselor will provide a curated list of colleges specific to your distinct preferences and situation. The colleges will be grouped by level of selectivity with an explanation of why each college would be a good fit for you.

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Financial Fit Analysis

Did you know that on average, actual college prices land at about 53% off the advertised price?

Our partners at TuitionFit will give you the real prices for colleges on your list by showing you actual financial aid award letters from available schools for families with similar profiles. 

Your Corsava Counselor will use TuitionFit's pricing information to help families make the most informed decisions possible. 


Need clarification?

How does Corsava Counselor Connect Work?

After you purchase Corsava Counselor Connect, you and your student will be sent an email with access to your college questionnaires, Corsava Card Sort activity, and career assessment.

Once we have received your completed materials, a Corsava Counselor will be assigned to you based on your student's specific needs and will reach out to you and your student to schedule your first live session.

After your first session, your Corsava Counselor will build your college list and action plan with targeted tips and send your Corsava College Package to you for your review and use. 

You can then schedule your second meeting anytime within six months. Some students prefer using the second meeting to discuss their list and action plan, others prefer to keep their meeting for questions that come up during the application process. It is up to you! 

When will I get my Corsava College Package?

Your Corsava College Package will be sent to your email within 14 days of completing the first live video session.

What can I expect to see in my Individualized Action Plan?

  • Advice on how to demonstrate your authentic self to colleges (like how to highlight your activities) and increase the likelihood of admissions
  • Clarity on the admissions process (key schedule points along your college admissions journey) and where to focus attention
  • Information to help you understand the changing testing landscape
  • Information on the essay process and how find help if needed
  • Tips on how to receive more merit aid and scholarships
  • Career exploration resources
  • Tips for the undecided major (no worries, the majority of students change their major anyway!) 
  • Pitfalls to avoid while applying to colleges that aren’t a good fit
  • Resources for specific needs: learning support, athletes, portfolios, maker’s spaces, first-generation students, auditions, etc.

What will we do in a Live Session?

It's a conversation, so it's not completely scripted, but you and your Corsava counselor will likely discuss:

Session 1
  • Meet and Greet
  • Any previous experience with colleges (visits, research, etc.)
  • High school experience and future coursework
  • Overview of testing
  • Top cards from the Corsava card sort exercise
  • Discussion of geography preferences
  • Questions and answers
Session 2
  • College list and next steps
  • Prioritization of action items
  • Questions and answers about Corsava College Package
  • Referrals, recommendations for additional services from partners, or other follow-up options
  • Use can this session within six months for any questions that may come up

How does TuitionFit work?

Your Corsava Counselor Connect package includes a Premium TuitionFit account, which your Corsava Counselor will set up for you and you will continue to have access to after receiving your Corsava College Package.

Your Premium account will give you access to actual prices paid by students just like you when available, the balance of grants, scholarships and loans, and any grants that won't last beyond the first year. When making a final choice or appealing for a better price, use the share and compare tool to see the actual prices that colleges are offering to other students in real time.



Can I change my plan later?

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